We are an international leadership and talent advisory firm. We help organisations succeed through harnessing their people edge. At the heart of our approach is our ability to combine deep insights with challenging, supportive and authentic conversations to help individuals and teams take their potential to new frontiers.

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  • Efes
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  • HSBC
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What We Do

We provide organisations with a richer picture of their leadership talent. And we connect individual leaders with insights and people to accelerate their impact and effectiveness during important leadership transitions.

We work with individuals, teams and organisations to address complex business challenges, including:

  • Getting the right people into key leadership roles
  • Identifying and developing potential
  • Getting the right succession in place and ready to take on bigger roles
  • Assessing and developing talent against a global benchmark
  • Strengthening the effectiveness and performance of teams

We work with clients from a range of industries and spectrums – large, global multi-nationals, through to progressive, disruptive start-ups. Building trusted, partnering relationships with our clients is at the heart of how we work.

Our distinctiveness comes from our curiosity and quest to create deep insights and fresh perspectives, increasing awareness, growth and impact for individuals and teams. We leverage our expertise in Psychology and work closely with our clients to develop bespoke solutions that deliver sustained impact.

Baton&Baton are an essential partner for me in maximising the effectiveness of my leadership team. They do this by investing significant time to understand us as a client and then bringing to the table a powerful combination of world-class academic knowledge on leadership and talent management with an emotionally intelligent and practical approach to driving performance. Our team is stronger, more confident and more effective thanks to the outstanding professional support Baton&Baton provide.

Our Reach


London, United Kingdom - Zurich, Switzerland - Malta - Rome, Italy - Istanbul, Turkey

Rest of World

Dubai, United Arab Emirates - Johannesburg, South Africa - Mumbai, India - Hong Kong, China - Washington, U.S. - Chicago, U.S. - Cape Town, South Africa

Become a mentor

If you would like to know more about becoming a mentor and our cross-business mentoring programme, please email us on getintouch@batonbaton.com.