Thought-provoking, challenging, incisive...... Claudine's vibrant approach to development draws individuals and teams into deep engagement. The experience vitally stretches people to their fullest potential.

A gifted facilitator, qualified counselling psychologist and executive coach, Claudine brings 15 years of well-rounded learning and expertise to Baton&Baton. Her career started off in the UK and then moved to Malta from where she worked both nationally and internationally within private and public sector organisations with individuals from diverse cultures and nationalities.

Her approach helps unlock higher levels of individual and collective performance by engaging senior leaders and teams in deeper conversations about the issues that matter right now whilst staying connected to the bigger goal. She uses her expertise in psychology to build awareness and the ability to be present and respond in the moment, aligned with an individual’s inner and outer goals and external environment. Her approach creates more conscious leaders and teams, builds greater understanding of one’s leadership brand and identifies where the gaps are and how to develop and build towards developing one’s potential to the full.

When off the clock, she enjoys reading, painting and dancing. She also enjoys spending time with her family and friends and travelling.

Nicola has long been fascinated by the complexities and patterns of human behaviour. She is a psychotherapist and corporate coach with 20 years of experience working in people development.

She moved from counselling to leading national projects through partnerships with government and the voluntary and private sectors. Her role also included recruiting, screening and training key people for the projects; she then transitioned to consultancy and executive coaching.

Nicola is passionate about doing work with people that creates awareness, growth and results. She does this through creating authentic dialogues and partnership that sets the scene for optimal performance. She uses her knowledge and understanding of both individual and group high-level performance as gained in her M.Sc. in Performance Psychology whilst leveraging her experience around the psychology of success linked to high-level performance in organizations. Nicola also furthered her training with the European Association for Gestalt Leadership and Organisational Development (EAGLOD) and is a Corporate Coach U graduate (CCUG).

She worked in Scotland with senior teams around team effectiveness with global corporates and has coached executives and entrepreneurs based in the U.K, Spain, Turkey, Germany and Africa.

Outside of work she enjoys spending time with her family and friends; she loves reading, music and the performing arts especially modern dance.

Ellie is the Managing Director of Baton&Baton. She has 15 years’ experience of working with global leading FTSE100 companies across a range of industries, including financial services, consulting, telecoms, energy, entertainment and leisure. She also works extensively with entrepreneurial start-ups and SMEs striving to become global leaders in their field.

Her passion lies in working with individuals and teams to develop their potential, harness their strengths and build their distinctive ‘edge’. Her international experience has helped her to develop a nuanced insight into cultural differences and the challenges leaders navigate as they transition into new roles, contexts and organisations. She brings energy, curiosity, a willingness to test assumptions and explore possibilities to help her clients reconcile individual and team needs with the bigger picture in an authentic and fulfilling way.

Prior to founding Baton&Baton in 2014, she worked with PricewaterhouseCoopers, Merrill Lynch, and YSC (a global leadership consultancy firm). After leading a number of regional assignments for YSC in Hong Kong, Ellie moved to Mumbai to found YSC's India business in 2009 where she grew and headed the business for 2 years. She holds a B.Sc (Hons) in Psychology from the University of Malta, after which she was awarded the Chevening scholarship and obtained an M.Sc in Occupational Psychology at the University of London.

Ellie is of Maltese-Swedish origin and grew up in Switzerland. She is a mum to two young children, Lily Rose and Sam. Outside of work she enjoys spending time with her husband and kids, reading, travelling and has a big love of cultural heritage.

Farley is an accredited coach working with clients across a number of sectors. He helps them thrive by jointly developing creative ways of addressing opportunities and challenges. His style is dynamic and enterprising, matching his clients' pace and ambitions.

With considerable experience of global management and leadership, Farley is empathetic and pragmatic in his work. He appreciates that executives are important parts of a system of relationships that they influence and are influenced by. Farley’s clients typically find it rewarding to work with him on optimizing their roles in their respective systems.

Farley’s work is informed by his exposure to the challenges of communication and collaboration in ever more complex settings, the relentless pressure to perform, the responsibilities and isolation of leaders, and the implications of succeeding in competitive environments. He has a keen interest in helping executives to better navigate complex situations, and harness their presence and language as part of the leadership toolkit.

Farley has successfully developed and led teams for most of his career. He has substantial experience in sales, marketing, customer service, product and market development, strategy, governance and planning. Since 2001, Farley has held global leadership roles in one of the world’s largest banks, where he systematically coached and mentored a wide range of executives. He was ultimately responsible for a global business line. In 2014, he fulfilled a long standing aspiration to establish his own coaching and leadership advisory practice. As part of this, Farley founded Leaders’ Compact, a peer-advisory group of cross-sector CEOs based in London. He is a Senior Adviser to A Blueprint for a Better Business which works with large companies to stimulate positive behavioural change.

Maggie is an Associate of Baton&Baton, and sits on its Advisory Board.

She is a former KPMG Partner, where she worked for over 30 years in London, Paris and Frankfurt. 

She has extensive experience of working with global, mid-market and privately-owned corporates across a range of sectors, supporting them in their strategic activities.

Maggie is passionate about developing people professionally, particularly at transitional points in their career.  As a career mentor, Maggie draws on and shares her own long-accumulated experiences to help her mentees build their confidence and achieve their full potential as they prepare themselves for leadership roles.  She also helps mentees to navigate the politics of the workplace, whilst staying true to their personal culture and values.

Maggie was born and bred in London, and has also lived, studied and worked in France and Germany, giving her international insight and cross-cultural awareness. Throughout her career, Maggie has been a champion of diversity and inclusion.

Outside of work, Maggie’s interests vary from charitable activities to travelling to following Chelsea football club!

Peggy is a registered Industrial-Organisational Psychologist and organisational development specialist with over 15 years’ experience partnering with clients to design, drive and implement integrated people strategies. She is specialized in executive assessment, leadership development, talent management, executive coaching, assessment & development centres, as well as recruitment & selection.

She has extensive exposure to boards, senior executives, middle management and graduate populations. She has experience of working with global leading FTSE100 companies across a range of industries and sectors, including but not limited to FMCG, oil and gas, financial services, retail, pharmaceutical and airlines. Peggy has strong global benchmarks gained through significant international and cross-cultural experience. She has designed and delivered assessment centres and leadership and development interventions in countries including the UK, China, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Bangladesh, and Taiwan.

Prior to working with Baton&Baton, she worked with YSC and SHL. Peggy was born and grew up in Hong Kong. She worked in YSC’s London and Hong Kong offices for 7 years and SHL for 7 years. She worked in Beijing and Shanghai for 4 years and headed the SHL China Buiness in Shanghai for 2 years. She holds a B.Sc in Psychology from the University of Hong Kong and obtained an M. Phil of Psychology from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. 

Peggy is fluent in English, Mandarin and Cantonese.

Michael is a creative professional interested in anything design, technological and web based, with a passion for developing robust web-based systems.

He has over 7 years of experience in the software design and development world and combines an aptitude for big-picture thinking with serious development chops - honed in his professional practice and through his insatiable desire to experiment with side projects and new technologies.

Instead of solving complex problems, he prefers to spend the time redefining them into simpler ones and applies this thinking in both his approach to writing quality & maintainable software and building great interfaces.

Outside of work, Mike is a keen musician with two albums released and (hopefully) more to come.

Sophie Giles is an experienced business psychologist with commercial savvy.

She has extensive experience working with senior executives across a range of industries – digital media, professional services, financial services, FMCG, engineering, retail – and geographies given her own experiences at a leading investment bank, as an outplacement and change consultant, and latterly over nine years at a premier business psychology consultancy.

Sophie is a Chartered Occupational Psychologist with the British Psychological Society, drawing widely on the rich research this professional training, expertise and membership provides. She founded her own consultancy, Mantis Insight, and laterally partners with Baton&Baton on client engagements and thinking in the leadership and talent space.

Baton&Baton are an essential partner for me in maximising the effectiveness of my leadership team. They do this by investing significant time to understand us as a client and then bringing to the table a powerful combination of world-class academic knowledge on leadership and talent management with an emotionally intelligent and practical approach to driving performance. Our team is stronger, more confident and more effective thanks to the outstanding professional support Baton&Baton provide.