Having had the opportunity to live and work across many countries and continents, we have often been struck by the extent to which perceptions and assumptions can create misunderstandings and lead to outdated or incorrect notions. One such notion is that there are simply not enough ‘ready now’ leaders in high growth markets. We do not ascribe to one definition of success as a leader, or a specific formula for identifying potential, but believe a deeper, more culturally attuned understanding of these differences is required. Rather than just asking the question ‘potential for what?’ – we seek to explore and understand potential for ‘where’ and for ‘when’.

We often find that at senior levels of leadership, where roles may be more complex, development solutions that are tailored to the individual and their specific context yield better results. We work in partnership with our clients to design and frame a development engagement that is underpinned by specific needs and goals. This may draw on stakeholder feedback, self-reflection, coaching or facilitated sessions with key stakeholders to support the leader’s development and impact. The focus is on creating an environment that is conducive to learning, together with a compelling and motivating development plan that builds on insightful development.

We believe that in order to create real and meaningful change, getting to the heart of what makes people tick is key. We leverage psychology to help accelerate individual and team development, and we combine this with a pragmatic focus on what the business or the organisation we are working with needs to achieve to be successful. We strive to measure impact in terms of creating an engaging experience for individuals and teams we work with, as well as creating real, tangible and sustainable business impact.

Organisations are increasingly required to operate in fast-changing, disrupted environments, across geographical or virtual boundaries. We strive to support our clients through combining responsiveness and agility with building long-term relationships. Our global partnership of trusted and experienced associates allows us to combine a consistent approach with cultural sensitivity and on-the-ground support. We also partner with academic institutions, including the University of Columbia and New York University, to further our research and insights.

baton&baton gets my highest recommendation. Their ability to recognise and understand what prevents leaders from developing their potential, is unique.