Individual assessment

Self-awareness is a powerful leadership skill, and one that is highly correlated with leadership success and progression. Our Leadership Transition Profiling (LTP) process is designed to provoke deeper insights into oneself and one’s leadership journey. It is experienced as insightful, stretching, incisive and engaging. It comprises an in-depth half-day biographical interview combined with a few self-reflection tools. We strive to stretch people’s thinking around their leadership possibilities and how they can harness their skills and potential to make a broader impact.

…for development: Through this process we provide our clients with a richer picture of their talent and in what ways they can further develop and leverage people’s potential. We also help individual leaders create deeper insights to accelerate their success during important leadership transitions.

… for recruitment: We help clients in final stages of recruitment gain deeper insights into potential talent and ‘fit’ for a new role or organisation through LTPs for Recruitment. Through this engagement we help enrich the selection decision-making process, while creating an engaging and motivating career development experience for prospective candidates.

Executive coaching

Organisations are increasingly required to operate in fast-changing, disrupted environments, across geographical or virtual boundaries. This places the requirement for leaders to remain aware, thoughtful and agile in responding to change and ‘leading’ through change. All too often, we listen to our clients experience themselves as reactive and ‘not fully in control’. Our coaching engagement is geared at providing a stimulating, supportive yet stretching space for leaders to reflect, learn and align their focus and sense of purpose with deep impact in their role and organisation. Primarily future-focused, our coaches challenge, support and guide your leaders, yet also pull back at times, creating a safe space in which the individual can explore and grow to their utmost potential. We match the individual with a Baton&Baton coach depending on the skills and experience required and align the coaching goals with the line manager to ensure goals and results are clear, measurable and tracked.

Coaching and mentoring at scale

BeMyBest is a new-to-market web based software platform that helps people become better, happier and more productive in their work and lives. And that in parallel, helps organisations mobilise and align hearts and minds around a collective imperative - such as culture transformation or the need to develop enterprise wide skills.  Our purpose in creating this proposition is to democratise powerful learning interventions that are proven to have high impact, such as coaching, mentoring and personalised development, and to make these accessible and affordable to employees at all levels in global organisations. This enables us and our clients to have greater reach and help people thrive, in turn creating stronger, higher performing teams, more engaged workplaces, and better business. 

Team development

Just as in sports, businesses without a clear destination and alignment may leave teams feeling flat and lost. We create bespoke coaching solutions for teams seeking to raise their game, increase engagement and improve their overall effectiveness. In designing solutions we draw on a range of group activities such as workshops, feedback surveys and self-reflection exercises, to address the learning needs of the team and create a platform to mobilise their development. Our approach to facilitation is intuitive, focused, supportive yet challenging. We aim to create a stimulating space where the team can learn and grow, while improving their interpersonal relationships - on which success ultimately hinges.

Impact and change reviews

We use a variety of custom designed impact and change measurement tools. We place great significance on achieving results that are not only based on the experience and feedback of individuals, but also on objective, tangible data such as KPIs, attrition, promotion and performance data. Our main driver is to focus on enabling change that is real, relevant and sustained over time.

baton&baton gets my highest recommendation. Their ability to recognise and understand what prevents leaders from developing their potential, is unique.
CCBILL - Cindy Anastasi - HR Director